As an “external consultant” he has a very different profile than what we are normally used to and his message is less in the words but rather than on a personal and emotional level. A different and new angle when it comes to “personal development”.

All in all, the three people on my group who NEVER had hiked before ALL said they will now start walking in nature with their families as it gave them such a great feeling. 

I think Olivier is good proof that you don’t have to be aggressive, exaggerating or overwhelming to be strong. Actually all the men in my group referred to him later as a thought provoker on how they balance their own work and life.

We loved him sharing his work experiences and his passion.


As a former international banker with high responsibilities, Olivier knows how difficult it is to maintain balance in a highly stressful environment and pass on his expertise through different programmes.


We provide a advice on proper nutrition which is event specific and fully tailored to your needs

Strength Training

Cusomised to your needs and to the specific event you are working towards, our strength training plans are guarenteed to get you to your goal. All you have to do it follow them!

Sports Psychology

We help athletes cope with the intense pressure that comes from competition and overcome problems with focus and motivation.

Professional Talks

We provide a wide range of professional talks to Corporates. We can come to your company and do a one-off talk, or offer a series of conferences, or mix them with other services.n.

Inspirational Talks

Inspirational talks are meant to provide motivating stories about normal people doing incredible feats, mainly sport feats (but not only). They emphasize on the sheer difficulty of the accomplishment, explain what it takes to actually succeed, and provide a series of lessons learnt that are applicable in daily life. 

  • The Ironman Triathlon World Championship (3.8k swim, 180k ride, 42.2k run) in Kona, Hawaii: the amazing quest, the sacred race, the pinnacle in endurance sports
  • Swimming 80k around Lantau Island in 5 days: origin, preparation, implementation, lessons learnt
  • Discover the king of trail running races: the Ultra-Trail Mont-Blanc, a formidable challenge where thousands of runners run 25 to 45h continuously, covering almost 170k and climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest
  • Climbing the highest peak in the Southern hemisphere: Aconcagua, the deadly mountain – you’d better be prepared…
  • Traveling on USD 30 a day for a year
  • From the comfort of the Corporate World to the unknown of Entrepreneurship.

Educational Talks - Sports

We provide two kinds of educational talks: sports-related and employee-efficiency-related.

Educational sport talks provide all the tools and tricks necessary to perform well at one of the main endurance sports (swimming, biking and running). Based on real-life example from Olivier Baillet and other athletes, the talks are explicative and down-to-Earth and are meant to motivate employees into starting a sport routine.

We also provide educational sport talks that are specifically meant to prepare for a race where a group of employees will compete. 

We can also design specific talks on other activities such as yoga and meditation.

If requested or when we deem it appropriate, we may invite external intervenants.

  • Running: such a natural activity, but don’t expect nature to fix everything for you: here is what you need to know
  • Trailrunner 100k: everything you need to know to succeed 
  • Open water swimming: introduction to technique and local races
  • Clean Half 15k relay swim: everything you need to know to succeed 
  • Multisport (aquathlon, duathlon, triathlon): you think this is not for you ? then seat back and listen
  • Trail running: the new frontier, right at your doorstep
  • Introduction to yoga: what it is, why it is for you
  • Introduction to meditation: its incredible benefits, how to start a routine

Educational Talks - Employee Efficiency

We believe that while the endurance sports arena is obviously different from the corporate world, there are lessons that can be drawn from athletes and applied elsewhere. Based on Olivier’s ‘dual life’ experience as a top level triathlete and former international banker turned entrepreneur, as well as true stories of professional athletes and other high level achievers, these talks are designed to provide a framework to employees wishing to increase their productivity at work and in life in general.

  • How to perform better at work: recipes from endurance sports success
  • How to balance Work & Life, be professional in your personal life too
  • Nutrition at work: how to maintain stamina all day long, every day
  • Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programme.

Analysis of the feedback from Société Générale’s employees on the talk provided to them in June 2015 ‘How to perform better at work: recipes from endurance sports success’

(employees rate 1 to 5, 5 being ‘very satisfying’, a series of 9 questions on the quality of the presentation, the expertise of the trainer, the alignment between the topic and the content of the presentation, the design of the talk in general, etc)

-> 82% of the participants rated the overall experience 4 or 5, ‘satisfying’ and ‘very satisfying’.

-> Société Générale has contracted beyond the line for 6 more talks to be performed before year-end.

Other Talks

Thanks to his rare profile as an international banker and top athletes, Olivier manages to ‘make bridges’ between topics that may seem unrelated at first and create inventive talks with a lot of content unheard of. For example, for the internal Project Management programme of an international bank, Olivier did a specific talk on ‘Project Management in real life: the 80k Swim Around Lantau project’, using his experience as one of the two swimmers and one of the organisers, his past role as a Project Manager and his capacity to prepare and deliver powerful presentations.

Also, all our existing talks can be tweaked to provide the exact angle your Corporate needs most. The talks listed above are only examples and we are happy to hear your specific needs and adjust to them.

Special Training

Just like with individually coached athletes, Wellness Programmes for Corporates need to be tailor-made. Some Corporates may want to kick start a general wellness programme and make sure they can offer basic -but genuine- fitness services to their employees, but some others may be looking for something unusual, like putting managers out of their comfort zone during a seminar. 

As an example, we co-organized 7 trekking days for the 7 IKEA’s leadership academy intakes on the island on Lantau Island, climbing the locally famous ‘Tiger head’ summit. The trek was also the occasion to provide several talks on diversified topics like the benefit of outdoor exercising, the coaching leadership style and choosing one’s career path. 


I am a reformed banker, a proud father of two and now a professional endurance coach offering tailor-made training plans and specific guidance on all triathlon and endurance sports topics.

Olivier Bailet

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