Customised Plans


This is the package for the athletes who want to understand the rationale for training and learn directly from the coach.
The Coaching package includes:
  • customised plan to your needs, level, time available for training, personal ambition, skills, etc. Nobody has the same plan as you
  • possibility to modify the plan in case of changes in your agenda (e.g. unplanned business trip)
  • possibility to ask questions to your coach through Training Peaks platform
  • access to our database of Q&As, videos, blogs, specific to coached athletes
  • free gear: running t-shirt and cap, swim cap and Finis tempo trainer if the program includes swimming
  • discounted team gear: full range of cycling gear and running tops
  • discounts on miscellaneous Beyond The Line services (training camps, specific one-off gears, etc.) as well as services from partners (lab testing, nutritionist, etc.).
triathlon, swimrun, duathlon or aquathlon:
Fees: USD 300 per month / HKD 2,400 per month

Minimal commitment: 3 months, pre-paid

swimming, biking or running
Fee: USD 250 per month / HKD 2,000 per month

Minimal commitment: 3 months, pre-paid

With all our plans we offer a range of add on services to suit your needs. These add ons are also perfect for training during the off season when you are not working towards a specific race. 

Program Add Ons

These Extras are available to people on both Off the Shelf and Customised Plans


We provide a advice on proper nutrition which is event specific and fully tailored to your needs

Strength Training

Cusomised to your needs and to the specific event you are working towards, our strength training plans are guarenteed to get you to your goal. All you have to do it follow them!

Sports Psychology

We help athletes cope with the intense pressure that comes from competition and overcome problems with focus and motivation.

Special Training

Just like with individually coached athletes, Wellness Programmes for Corporates need to be tailor-made. Some Corporates may want to kick start a general wellness programme and make sure they can offer basic -but genuine- fitness services to their employees, but some others may be looking for something unusual, like putting managers out of their comfort zone during a seminar. 

As an example, we co-organized 7 trekking days for the 7 IKEA’s leadership academy intakes on the island on Lantau Island, climbing the locally famous ‘Tiger head’ summit. The trek was also the occasion to provide several talks on diversified topics like the benefit of outdoor exercising, the coaching leadership style and choosing one’s career path.