We train both Mulitsport and Monosports, for all distances / races and levels.


Triathlon is a demanding sport not only because it requires to master three sports, but also because of the difficulty to know which training session should be done when, at what intensity, in what order, etc.

Triathlon packages are therefore relatively more expensive than ‘mono-sport’ programs, whatever the package you choose.

Triathlon programs incorporate all the techniques used in ‘mono-sport’ programs. Beyond The Line athletes have reached the Ironman World Championship, the 70.3 Ironman World Championship (several every year)

Olivier has almost 20 years of triathlon training and racing experience and qualified 4 times to the Kona Ironman Triathlon World Championship, accumulating valuable experience over different age groups and periods of life (young bachelor, in couple, with kids, with a banking job, as an entrepreneur, etc.).


Olivier’s personal strength as an athlete is swimming. He always clocks among the fastest swim splits in triathlon and usually gets podium placings in his Age Group in open water races as well as in pool races. He also known in the local community for love for open water long swim adventures.

Beyond The Line coaches athletes for triathlon and open water races, as well as special challenges (e.g. ultra-swims, like the 5-day circumvolution of Lantau Island, Hong Kong, for a total of 80km, that was never attempted before).

Beyond The Line has progressively incorporated Olivier’s personal experience with Critical Swim Speed (‘CSS’) training, as used by Swim Smooth certified instructors in Hong Kong.


Beyond The Line’s athletes range from 5km racers to marathoners. That’s for road running, but we also coach trail running, from short races to Ultras, including stage trail running races.

Olivier has gained decades of experience clocking fast road running performance (several sub 3h marathons, half marathon PB of 1h16) as well as racing on occasion trail races (UTMB in 27h50).


The cycling scene is very diversified and Beyond The Line prepares athletes for time trial races, one-day hilly races, gran fondos and stage races, as well as Everesting. Olivier has dabbed into the local stage race cycling and never says no to a time trial opportunity.

Over the years, Olivier has become an expert in power-based training and has incorporated Trainerroad and Zwift platforms into his coaching, when the athlete has access to it.