My Story


Founder, Director and Main Coach of Beyond the Line

In 2013, I left the banking industry – where I had spent all my career (20 years)- to get a Sport Management degree that was part of an online MBA program and in 2014, I started Beyond The Line.

I grew up in France and was a very active kid. My main sport was swimming, although I never swam more than twice a week. The rest of the time, I played all kinds of sports, such as tennis, football, table tennis, skiing, squash, windsurfing, but all at a very amateur level. My sports abilities only started to take shape in my mid to late twenties, when I started to pile up swim challenges, such as a 5km pool charity swim, a 7km river swim, a 24h relay pool swim.

I then ventured into running, doing my first half marathon followed by a full marathon one month after, on no training, and climbing Aconcagua summit with no preparation. At the age of 29, I moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to NYC, and bought my first road bike.

From there, it all went very quickly. I bought Joe Friel’s ‘Triathlon Training Bible’ in late 2000 and studied it all winter. I created my first training plan and started  training for Ironman on Jan 1, 2001. Seven months after, I qualified for the Ironman World Championship by clocking 9h51 on my first Ironman on a notoriously unforgiving course (Lake Placid). That took all my friends by surprise. After that, I kept having athletes asking me for my secrets, which is what gave me the idea for Beyond the Line.

There is no secret. Since 2000, Olivier has been implementing the same principles:


Quality over Quantity


Attention to Recovery


Strength Training Twice a week




Zero Processed Food


Use of Latest Sports Science and Technology




Yoga Once a Week


Cross Training in Low Season

“All the above is just common sense, it is not rocket science.”

To gain an extra half hour (9h24 in IM Western Australia in 2010), I had to call for an increasingly more scientific approach, but the principles have remained the same.

In the 2001-2011 decade, life sometimes dictated its agenda, and with the birth of my two children, 4 changes of country, I had to focus on the less time-consuming activity of running, dabbing into trail running and road running. The same principles brought about similar results: 27h50 at the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc in 2006 and 1h16 at the Paris Half marathon in 2007. On arriving in Hong Kong, I resumed triathlon and got my third and fourth qualification to Kona (so in total: 2001, 2002, 2011, 2017).

In the past few years, tired of racing the clock and training on asphalt, I came back to my first love, endurance open water swimming, and at the same time fell in love with this wonderful fusion on rough open water and unforgiving trail running called Swimrun. Again applying similar methods, I have become a fierce Swimrun competitor on the Ötillö international Swimrun scene and locally.

Not every great athlete becomes a great coach and not all great coaches have been athlete. My specific approach lies in a mix of my own experience and a perfect understanding of my clients’ daily life. Nowadays, I pass on the knowledge I have garnered from years of self-training and self-testing to type A executives wanting to get to the next level.

I highly values the benefit of recovery and never overtrain my athletes. My ultimate goal, beyond helping people reach their objectives, is to make sure that the athletes remain fit and active all their life, avoiding burnout and injury.

In my continuing search for self-improvement, I have incorporated meditation in my daily life and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and stress management through my own experimentations and through a lot of reading. Through small touches, I try to open my sometimes unusual views on certain topics to his athletes, when I feels that there is an interest from the athlete.

Being a former international banker (6 countries in 20 years), I has developed a coaching style that perfectly fits the lifestyle constraints of the busy executives.

If you would like to know how I can help you fulfil your potential and make training a integral part of your daily life please contact me to begin start your journey.

  • Triathlon Development Coach from Triathlon Australia
  • NSAM Certified Personal Trainer (in process)
  • Heart Rate Variability XX (in process)