Online Coaching


Online coaching is a rather specific type of coaching, so you need to first ask yourself whether this is the most adequate service for your needs.

What you DO get with online coaching

The online coaching service is the best solution for busy self-driven executives who need flexibility and do not have the headspace or the full technical knowledge to think about what to do day in day out. You outsource this service to a professional, removing the guesswork altogether, knowing that you are doing the right thing every day.
Through our training plans, you know in advance what workout you should do on which day, which type of exercise, what should be the warm-up, work intervals, recovery intervals, cool down, duration, intensity, etc. As an interface, we use the world’s most popular endurance coaching platform: Training Peaks. 
Training Peaks is an online calendar that lets you record, track and analyse your training sessions. Once linked to your smart sports watch, your coach and/or yourself can compare what you did with what was in the plan. Training Peaks also provides you with the possibility to write down post-workout feedbacks, for your coach and/or yourself. Training Peaks also provides amazing data analyses capacity, for your coach and/or yourself and is free for you.

What you DON’T get with online coaching


We do not provide you with a coach to swim, bike or run with you. Thus, if you have technical flaws, we will discuss them in writing, but you might need to supplement it with a few hours paying a coach that will physically assist and correct you (this is especially relevant for swimming and strength training).


You need to be self-motivated, as we will not provide you with a coach who makes sure you start on time or talk to you into actually doing the work.


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