"Along my ongoing journey from triathlon newbie to endurance junkie, Olivier is the crucial compass which gives me the assurance I'm training at the right intensity and volume to reach safely my goals."


"The input, support and experience from Olivier made a big difference and gave me a lot of motivation to keep pushing myself beyond the line!"


"Olivier's programs are "home-made" so they are not only tailored to my strengths and weaknesses but they are also refined over time integrating my feedbacks and Olivier's observations."


"I contacted Olivier to get advice and I got back much more than expected, the professional help, support, guidance and motivation that I got from him has been phenomenal!" 


"I highly recommend Olivier’s coaching program if you have a goal you are wanting to achieve. Thanks Olivier and may the relationship, coaching and results continue !"


"All in all, the three people on my group who NEVER had hiked before ALL said they will now start walking in nature with their families as it gave them such a great feeling."

What We Can Do For You

Beyond The Line works with individual athletes as well as with corporations.

To Individuals, Beyond The Line offers tailor-made online training plans for endurance sports races, coupled with a one-on-one online support. Client-athletes are busy executives in need for a structured program that will propel them to the next level. Being naturally talented is not a prerequisite, but being self-motivated is.

To Corporates, Beyond The Line offers motivational talks, endurance sports training sessions and team events based around sporting activities. Talks can be centred around performance, stress management, wellness, or any topic related. Endurance sports training sessions are usually running and/or swimming classes. A successful team event format is a trail walk combined with motivational talks along the day.

Both with individuals and corporates, Beyond The Line provides a holistic approach covering not only the physical side of things, but also the mental dimension, always sharing a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, focus and mind strengthening techniques, based on our own experience and perpetual strive for improvement.

Individual Endurance Coaching

Beyond The Line offers tailor-made online training plans for endurance sports races, coupled with a one-on-one online support.

We work with a limited number of athletes so that they receive the attention they deserve. Athletes receive training plans that are built specifically to integrate their constraints.

We work with an application called Training Peaks that is very user friendly and allows close monitoring and is also a great communication tool.

The sports we cover first and foremost are:

  • Triathlon, and the three sports that compose it:
  • Swimming (pool and open water),
  • Cycling (time trial and road racing)
  • Running (road and trail running).
  • We also prepare for any combinations of these sports, like Aquathlons, Auathlons and the growing sport of SwimRun.

Occasionally we also like to work on specific projects, like Everesting on the bike, or real mountaineering challenges.

To cover a need from certain athletes, we are now also offering ‘pure’ online plans, that are much less standardised than our one-on-one service, but applies the same methodology as the one we have developed over the years with our over 100 one-on-one executive clients.

The price grid is under review, please contact us for any inquiry.

Corporate services

Beyond The Line delivers keynotes as well as more in-depth activities to corporate employees. With great authenticity, Olivier shares his fascinating stories on endurance sports, but also exposes his difficulties and even failures, sharing on he was forced to open himself to new horizon to reach a superior level of performance, as well as a different level of consciousness.

What started as a one-man show has expanded over time as Beyond The Line has widened its scope and can bring along key people in different fields of performance, health and wellness.

The format for knowledge sharing does not have to be secluded in a classroom, as we have noted that mixing physical activities with talks usually lead to a better engagement from the employees.

All this can be discussed and amended at will.




Olivier provides training plans that are:

  • fully individualised
  • scientifically designed
  • race specific
  • tailor-made
  • and flexible.

His main sources of inspiration are:

  • ‘Triathlon Training Bible’ author Joe Friel and his disciple ‘Going Long’ author Gordo Byrn
  • Phil Maffetone’s Maximum Aerobic Function principles for running
  • Swimsmooth’s Critical Swim Speed training principles for swimming
  • Coggan’s and Allen’s power-based training principles for riding.

Olivier is a firm believer of the benefit of strength and conditioning, proper nutrition and mental training. All of these aspects can also be covered in your personal program should you wish them to be.

Olivier also highly values the benefit of recovery avoids avoids overtraining his athletes. He is acutely aware of the life stressors and his ultimate goal, beyond helping his athletes reach their objectives, is to make sure that they remain fit and active all their life, avoiding burnout and injury. 

Olivier also works with corporates, providing:

  • professional sports and wellness programmes
  • professional talks and keynotes speeches
  • team building programs.

“My clients are just me: type A dedicated and successful professionals, having to deal with high stress, business trips, client dinners, late confcalls, juggling with family obligations and social life. I know who they are, what they are going through, their constraints, their aspirations, even their fear… I am one of them, which is probably one of the assets that differentiate me from most triathlon coaches.”