Swim Run is a new sport originated in Sweden 15 years ago. It is a non-stop run-swim-run-swim-etc event, usually from island to island, with no transition area to change gear. That means that swimrunners need to swim with their shoes and run with wet shoes on rough terrain. The training is a mix of pool and open water swimming, a lot of trail running, and a few longer sessions, usually during the weekend, alternating both sports in the wilderness.

At a time of need to reconnection to nature, as well as a certain disenchantment from part of the endurance community towards racing against the watch all the time, SwimRun is bound to grow exponentially.

Beyond The Line has positioned itself strongly on the SwimRun:
– sponsor of the only SwimRun races in Hong Kong (organised by Terramar),
– provider of SwimRun training plans,
– distributor of the only SwimRun gear available gear in Hong Kong, Colting Wetsuits gear.

In Hong Kong, the ‘Who is Who’ of SwimRun is, at this stage, easy to summarise:

  • In late 2015, BEYOND THE LINE’s founder Olivier Baillet created with his friend Olivier Courret the SWIMRUNASIA Facebook page. They soon co-organiaed the first ‘SwimRun for dummies’ training events:​
    • https://www.facebook.com/Swimrunasia/
  • Inspired by this, TERRAMAR launched a SwimRun series of 4 races that started in late 2017 and finished mid 2018. Now in its second season, TERRAMAR has deepened his partnership with BEYOND THE LINE who was already providing advice and organised the first race-specific training session in the first season.
    • https://www.facebook.com/terramarhk/?fb_dtsg_ag=AdwQKT6twwg6hx8v5fRhoJTSULi9XNcQ-GugjpgqVIgbYA%3AAdw9QeiPUGwbrFYun7lD0agbO3R6e-Y-QPcsyaSBsddHYw
  • This year, COLTING WETSUITS has come on board with both BEYOND THE LINE and TERRAMAR to provide gear and prizes.

​This cross partnership brings two benefits to swimrun athletes:

BEYOND THE LINE now provides training plans specifically designed for TERRAMAR swimrun races. Founder Olivier Baillet has been racing international swimrun races for 2 years and is also well known in Hong Kong for his open water skills (he swam 15-17k a day for 5 days, being the first one to ever swim the full loop around Lantau island) as well as his triathlon results (4-times Ironman Triathlon finisher), on top of being a successful well-respected coach.

Get in touch if you would like a Swim Run Training Plan from Olivier Baillet  .