"Along my ongoing journey from triathlon newbie to endurance junkie, Olivier is the crucial compass which gives me the assurance I'm training at the right intensity and volume to reach safely my goals."


"The input, support and experience from Olivier made a big difference and gave me a lot of motivation to keep pushing myself beyond the line!"


"Olivier's programs are "home-made" so they are not only tailored to my strengths and weaknesses but they are also refined over time integrating my feedbacks and Olivier's observations."


"I contacted Olivier to get advice and I got back much more than expected, the professional help, support, guidance and motivation that I got from him has been phenomenal!" 


"I highly recommend Olivier’s coaching program if you have a goal you are wanting to achieve. Thanks Olivier and may the relationship, coaching and results continue !"


"All in all, the three people on my group who NEVER had hiked before ALL said they will now start walking in nature with their families as it gave them such a great feeling."

Welcome to Beyond The Line.

We specialise in online coaching, working with individual athletes as well as with corporations. We offer tailor-made training plans and specific guidance on all triathlon and endurance sports topics, while providing access to a team of motivated professionals with similar mindset.

Beyond the Line was founded in 2014 by Olivier Baillet, a former Banker. The company’s mission is to provide the level of coaching service that he searched for in his first 10 to 15 years as an athlete and never found.


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Book and appointment to find out how  out how we can help you reach your goal and cross your finish line. Our Online Training Plans are indiviually tailored to your needs

Catering to both with individuals and corporates, Beyond The Line provides a holistic approach. Besides covering the physical side of things, we also pay close attention to the mental dimension. We share a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and mind strengthening techniques. Above all, our approach is based on our own experience and perpetual strive for improvement. 

The rationale behind the name ‘BEYOND THE LINE’

Most people get obsessed with the finish line, especially the high achievers wanting to do their personal best on an ultra long distance race. They often overlook the value of the progressive transformation undergone during the months of training, the people met along the way, the discovery of one’s inner self, the whole journey. There is so much more to gain in the process than just crossing the finish line. We are here to remind our athletes of this and to help them operate that shift in their life and become ‘lifelong athletes’.