“Along my ongoing journey from triathlon newbio endurance junkie, Olivier is the crucial compass which gives me the assurance I’m training at the right intensity and volume to reach safely my goals.”

“The input, support and experience from Olivier made a big difference and gave me a lot of motivation to keep pushing myself beyond the line!”

“Olivier’s programs are “home-made” so they are not only tailored to my strengths and weaknesses but they are also refined over time integrating my feedbacks and Olivier’s observations.”

“I contacted Olivier to get advice and I got back much more than expected, the professional help, support, guidance and motivation that I got from him has been phenomenal!” 

“I highly recommend Olivier’s coaching program if you have a goal you are wanting to achieve. Thanks Olivier and may the relationship, coaching and results continue !”

“All in all, the three people on my group who NEVER had hiked before ALL said they will now start walking in nature with their families as it gave them such a great feeling.”


Beyond The Line is an endurance sports coaching company working with individuals and corporate groups. We offer training plans and specific guidance on all endurance sports topics, while providing access to a team of motivated professionals with similar mindset.

Beyond The Line was founded in 2014 by Olivier Baillet, a 4-times Ironman Triathlon World Championship finisher but also an ex-international banker and father of two.

Beyond The Line’s mission is to provide the level of coaching service that Olivier searched for in his first 15 years as an athlete and never found: a coaching catered to busy, self-driven executives aiming high and demanding access to the best unbiased expertise available.


Off the Shelf Plans

Our off the shelf plans are available for either Multisport  (Triathlon, Duathlon and Aqualthon) or Monosport – Swimming, Running and Cylings. Plans are available for all levels of athletes

Custom Plans

Our Customised Plans are designed for the athlete who wants to learn directly from the coach. They cover both Multisport and Monosport as well as being suitable for all levels of Athletes

Olivier Baillet

Founded in 2014 by Olivier Baillet, BEYOND THE LINE is a coaching and consulting company that trains athletes to reach their objectives in endurance sports, thanks to fully individualised online training programmes and close personalised support. 

Olivier is a former international banker and a perennial endurance athlete. His most remarkable athletic achievements are:

  • 4x Ironman Triathlon World Championship (2001, 2002, 2011, 2017) 
  • Triathlon’s Personal Best:
    • Ironman: 9h24 (Western Australia 2010)
    • Ironman 70.3: 4h20 (Western Australia 2012)
    • Olympic Distance: 1h59 (NYC 2001)
  • Ultra running: Ultra Trail: top 3% in 27h50 (UTMB 2006) 
  • Ultra swimming: 80k around Hong Kong Lantau island in 5 days (Hong Kong 2014)
  • Ultra cycling: Everesting -almost 9,000m elevation gain in a day (Hong Kong 2015)
  • Swimrun: Ötillö Switzerland (July 2017), Ötillö Croatia (April 2018)
  • as well as mountaineering: Acacongua summit -highest peak in Southern hemisphere (Argentina 1999).

I am a reformed banker, a proud father of two and now a professional endurance coach offering tailor-made training plans and specific guidance on all triathlon and endurance sports topics.

Olivier Bailet

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