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We will soon be opening an online Store, but in the meantime you can purchase any of the items below by contacting me.


For the first time in Hong Kong, swimrun athletes are given access to all the gear they need to train and race, without the headache of looking online, under the guidance of the most seasoned swimrunner in Hong Kong.
We will be selling the following COLTING WETSUITS products at BEYOND THE LINE – TERRAMAR training sessions and races:

  • PULLBUOY: price to be confirmed soon,
  • CALF GUARDS: HK$ 500
  • PADDLES: HK$ 150
  • SWIMRUN PANTS: HK$ 1,500

If you want to pre-order Colting gear or have questions about it, click HERE

Otherwise, please come to our training sessions and races, we will have items for sale and we will also take orders on the spots.

A bit of technical details on the products:

  • pullbuoy: the basic indispensable tool. A specific version of it is being finalised, it will be available for September training session. Stay tune.
  • calf guards: athletes new to Swimrun underestimate the benefit from it. Currently just a handful of athletes use it in Hong Kong… but its use is widespread in Europe! Calf guards provide the athlete with extra buoyancy and allow to swim with wet shoes at almost the same speed as without shoes, with less effort.

  • paddles: paddles help the swimmers propel himself faster and compensate for the extra resistance that the Swimrun gear may create. However, only the best swimmers should use big paddles, thus we decided to only provide Small and Medium sizes, both in bright colours to be seen from far.

  • safety buoys: they are real life saving devices, they help you being spotted by boats, other swimmers, rescue team, and you can rest upon them (some people think that the pullbuoys help for safety… they don’t!). While not compulsory in TERRAMAR races, they must be used in training, and we recommend using them for racing too.

  • swimrun pants: these pants provide extra buoyancy in the water and will not create friction while running, unlike traditional neoprene pants traditionally used for swimming. They are a great addition if you are an average swimmer or if you want to rank higher at the finish line. 

  • swimrun jersey: this specifically designed jersey has enough pockets to hold all the nutrition you need as well mandatory gear (often requested in races abroad). It is ideal to complement the swimrun pants above mentioned and has you covered in most conditions in Hong Kong, apart from the coldest months.

Colting Wetsuits range of products actually extends beyond this, as they provide specifically designed Swimrun wetsuits (Swimrun GO and the higher end Swimrun SR02), to be used in the winter months in Hong Kong and in most races elsewhere (as races are usually held in cold weather). They even provide Triathlon wetsuits (T03, not pictured here).
If you want to order or have questions, click HERE

We will NOT have wetsuits for sale at the training sessions or races (just samples for you to see), but we will be taking orders.



Olivier Baillet

Olivier Baillet


Beyond The Line’s founder, director and head coach is Olivier Baillet. Now in his late forties, father of two, Olivier still competes at a high level, having raced the Ironman Triathlon World Championship 4 times in a span of 17 years, the last time being October 2017. Olivier’s two decades of athletic feats encompasses mountain climbing (Aconcagua), Ultra Trail running (UTMB 2006 under 28h), ultra swimming (first swimmer to swim around Lantau island, for a total of 80k over 5 days), as well as other challenges like Everesting (climbing Mount Everest elevation gain on a bike, in less than a day).

Being a former international banker (6 countries in 20 years), Olivier has developed a coaching style that perfectly fits the lifestyle constraints of the busy executives.


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